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the quest for the ultimate choc-chip cookie

as obsessed as every other home baker – i am determined to get a big tray of the best choc-chip cookies you can find on my dinner table! I have been wondering for quite some time, what was the secret to the caramelish yet crisp and addictive choc chip cookie of Famous Amos?

and i stumbled upon Orangette’s entry about NY Times recipe and ‘the story’…and i was hooked and intrigued and very excited..cuz i finally knew what the secret was. It was not the ingredients but the METHOD and the TIME. i breezed into the kitchen yesterday nite at 10pm just to get the cookie dough made and popped into the fridge! Forget about being tired from work!!! Now i am waiting…waiting for the 36hours to be up…and the results we shall see on Friday nite…………………….♥ CLICK HERE!