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a sunny awakening bazaar

sauna-hot, salt-sweaty, whirly-mind and nevertheless excited like a baby who got her first toothy, I opened my first stall together with my long-time friend Ethan, on sunny 17 August 2008.

i have always baked for friends, family and self consumption. My baking passion has pampered them with occasional treats, one week or another, some asking for more, and others prompting me to open shop, in which I will always reply with a big smile… “one day, right now will be a dream”. I recall a repartee by my junior colleague, “don’t dream, make it happen!”. That was my last day working with the guy and that company…I was touched with his confidence because he only tried one cupcake.

17 aug was an auspicious day i suppose, my favourite number for obvious reasons to most, and a good day despite we would like to have more traffic at the bazaar. I can say this, however, ” We Will Be Back! “. I have doubts before in the possibility of opening a stall for 8 hours, a Sunday much less! One, it takes sacrifice (a good big scoop of it), then comes patience (as stubborn as the metal beaters of your mixer), next and the biggest part of all – your PASSION, all poured out to the very last drop. I spent many late nights and early mornings baking, designing stickers, packaging the treats…wonderfully i could still wake up to work at 10am or so, when i only slept at 4am.

today my shoulders are aching, but i’m further charged to do better because we learned so much for 1 day under the bleary red umbrella (hahaha….). We will be back for another sunday…much wiser & street smart!

I am most grateful and appreciative to those who have purchased the treats I made with lots of love(!), and very much flattered to YOU who have thought I have a bakery named Te@mo tucked somewhere in town.

for now…u will find me occasionally at Mont Kiara Sunrise Plaza, KL. Cheers!

oatmeals at bazaar

oatmeals at bazaar